Making a list, getting the wallet out

ben henderson /

The tomos is running well with the tank cleaned and a proper filter in place.

Today I went through the other issues.

Rear swing arm bushings are toast, 3/4'' of play on the rear wheel

Chain is stretched out

flywheel cover is broken where the kickstart return spring goes

Flywheel cover is also missing the oil injection cover.

both tires have dry rot, cracks. They hold air, but not sure I trust them going

36mph not to bust.

The rear exhaust mount is broke from the frame. needs welding.

The kickstand goes past where it should to hold up the bike, looks like part of

the kickstand frame is broke. Hopefully can weld it back into place.

Throttle cable works but is sketchy...electrical tape holding it into the twist grip.

Rear shocks were never meant to hold 260 pounds of manliness and are old to

boot, bottoms out on some bumps.

Easily looking at spending $250-$ painting it in order for it to be a nice

moped. I have $150 in it now. Hopefully there will be some tax money left over

to use on the bike!


Re: Making a list, getting the wallet out

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

The exhaust bracket is a common failure point on a35 frames. In addition, If i were you, i would take off the transmission cover and inspect the clutch assembly and transmission.

Re: Making a list, getting the wallet out

do yourself a favor:

Re: Making a list, getting the wallet out

kevin Smellaflange /

interesting vids...

my moby has gotten something out of someone else's mistakes...saves time and $$$,$,$$....

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