Motori minarelli v1 engined legnano T101


I have recently purchased a Legnano T101 and got it registered in the UK.

Though it runs and rides OK I feel it has more potential.

Just wondered if anyone can advise of places I could buy a decent exhaust, jets for the carb and different sprockets?

Thanks for any help

Re: Motori minarelli v1 engined legnano T101

Post what year and a pic if possible. The Minarelli can be tweeked to many times base HP. Performance pipe,air filter and carb, maybe sprockets if you don't want to go over the 50cc displacement.

I can't stay on here long, but many of these guys have tweeked Minarellis. They will help you,I think. Also do some searches on here for more info.

Re: Motori minarelli v1 engined legnano T101

It's a 1978, I've hunted round on the Internet but had no joy finding any parts, just wondered if anyone knows a good supplier of a decent exhaust and jets, sprockets etc, the rest I can do, not wanting to go over 50cc.

Cant add a pucture

Re: Motori minarelli v1 engined legnano T101

You can use the Buy & sell forum here, plenty of people will have stock or aftermarket v1 exhausts and jets for your carb. Is it a Dellorto 14.12 SHA carb? Depending on your rear wheel you may not have many options for sprockets without modifications but the front sprocket can be changed as low as 9t and up to 12t which may need some hogging out of the case to fit. The v1 definitely has more potential even with keeping the stock 50cc cylinder, dig in the forums here for simple mods to it. An aftermarket pipe, re-jetting, opening up the carb and the intake et cet..

You can find a lot of Minarelli v1 parts like sprockets and all on , and


Re: Motori minarelli v1 engined legnano T101

This is my legnano, took so doing to get DVLA to register it due to lack of paperwork etc.

Runs sweet I just think it's got more go hidden inside that tiny engine


Re: Motori minarelli v1 engined legnano T101

Polini top end kit changes displacement to 74cc, and claims 4.9 hp with stock carb, pipe, etc.

Add a pipe and a carb and you'll be flying.

All parts easily found at treatland.

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