Reproduction side cover idea.

Hello everybody. Been floating around an idea lately I'm going to stay moving on and wanted some opinions.

Thinking about having some reproduction side covers made by a local fiberglass company. After trying to track down av88 side covers, it sparked the thought.

Thinking about both motorcycle and moped stuff that is hard to come by. Not looking to do mobylette covers and the like, the stuff you can still find inexpensively in steel.

So I'm curious, apart from my av88 covers, what else would you guys like to see? Also, what would your "pain threshold" be as far as pricing goes? Consider this question market research, but I'm trying to do my best to serve our community. Thanks.


Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

Dave Humphrey /

No thoughts?

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

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Sounds cool. I’m sure something similar could be done with carbon fiber

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

Pushrod Fifty /

I see the covers on ebay. Finding replacement parts for these old bikes can be a challenge. You just have to keep looking on ebay until something comes up for a reasonable price. Search completed lustings to get s baseline price on what others have paid.

If originality and restoration is important yo you, buy a bike that hadnt been stripped of these parts.

Making covers out of fiberglass is an option but very time consuming. Paying someone to do it puts the price way over the edge.

I lost a side cover on the road from my CB160. I searched for months for a decent one at a decent price and ended up with a rusy one that I rebuilt.

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

Make them yourself. fiberglass is real easy to work with other then the itch, but if you do you might be able to sell parts and maybe make other items.

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

the itch is the worst. almost as bad as poison ivy/oak/sumac.

but ill take the itch and smell of epoxy stuck in your nose hair for 2 weeks over paying someone $200 for a half hour of work for my vespa box lids.

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

and then there is 3d printing

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

> Tri-ped Dave Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> and then there is 3d printing

Are 3D printed parts flexible enough for something like this?

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

i don't think 3d printing is good for this, fiberglass would be cool but painfully expensive. Things like General 5-star battery box covers would be a good starting point.

what WOULD be great is polycarbonate vacuum forming. even a very thin polycarb vacuum formed cover can be super strong, impact resistant and they take paint pretty ok when prepped right.

i've thought aobut this in the past but didn't pursue it. The tough part is doing stuff that people want and don't just throw away when they get a bike. I.E. maxi covers wouldn't be worth doing.

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

kevin Smellaflange /

3d printers are getting better all the time....

i used a guy on e-bay...

he was honest & only works on popular brands that would sell more than one off stuff, and he made a light for me from a mold of another rusty ancient one i provided...i got my part back, and the new duplicate, i payed nothing because he didn't have it in stock already...prices were around 40ish$ for items already there...

check out the columbia bicycle reproductions side of e-bay...he did a columbia firebolt head light for me in December...Brent

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

graham's got it. I think vacuum forming is the way to go. that is if you had the set up to do so , then making the plugs would be the investment, but you could crank em out all day.

compared to fiber reinforced plastics and epoxies which are IMO so nasty to work with, and take more time.

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

Man I would LOVE to set up a moped-based vacuum forming shop and just make rad fairings and doodads and body panels

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

Pushrod Fifty /

I use MAS marine epoxy, it doesnt smell. It is a 2:1 mix. I use the fast cure catalyst. The fabric works really good with MAS. I have made templates out of aluminum flashing covered in poly and glassed over them.

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

You can build a vacuum forming machine for not too much, search on line for a how to. It's the buck that's the problem and cost.

Re: Reproduction side cover idea.

i have the elusive 1968 AV92 Dual vario..

can scan covers and send file.

i have 1.

chad burke has 1.

i own the tranny to the 3rd one.

frame is.. dunno.

mine has dealers stickers..

f. friick

20 av


chateau. france

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