Tomos A3 fuel mix ratio

ben henderson /

what is the best oil/gas mix for a old tomos?

Mine has a A3 engine, A35 carb and a Biturbo exhuast.

50:1 is available everywhere but is it going to give the best performance?

Re: Tomos A3 fuel mix ratio

ben henderson /

nevermind, found some search results. Going to stick with 40:1

Re: Tomos A3 fuel mix ratio

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Use synthetic which is way better than regular oil. Even Walmart synthetic (silver bottle) is fine and cheap too. I use Walmart synthetic at 40/1 for years on my fleet. All my peds are rare so I don't mind risking fouled plugs in favor of plenty of lubrication. That is the price you pay for running richer than trhe 50.1 recommended.

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