Athens Ohio.

Alexandro Ramirez-Nagy /

Does anybody live in the small, perpetually drunk, town of Athens Ohio? Hek, I've only seen 3 moped riders and 2 of them abuse their bikes. I'm lookin' for respectable moped riders.

Re: Athens Ohio.

respectable, haha gotta be drunk to be into mopeds

Re: Athens Ohio.

It's cool theres riders at all, Athens seems like a great place for some long windy rides, someday I wanna do it. but no I dont know of anyone there regularly

Re: Athens Ohio.

Scott Strong /

I spent my first two years of undergrad at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. And while I concur with the general state of inebriation of its residents, I was sober enough to launch a career in science from good old Athens. From what I remember it would be a fun place to ride.

Re: Athens Ohio.

Ride to that old insane asylum.

That place is fucking nuts

Re: Athens Ohio.

Bunch of riders in Dayton. One of which owns a piece of property in your area (Shade?)....Anyway if you poke around on faceplace Dam Riders page you might find him. I wont call him out. It will be up to you to figure it out. He has rides in your area on occasions. Most of the Dam guys also have atv's as well, and play down there. I've had open invites in the past, but just never made it. Yes great area to blast around for sure.

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