New Moped!!!!

Ok so I mentioned this moped in a previous post and promised some pictures of it. Here they are. Its A Moto Guzzi Robin. Not sure what year it is. I bought it for fifty bucks cash. I got it home and checked for spark and there wasn't any. Bummer. Went ahead and checked all the wiring, grounds, etc. still no spark. ordered new points, condenser, and a flywheel puller for $30. AND, let there be LIGHT! Finnally I had some beautiful blue spark. Yeah!!!! I went ahead and put everything back together hooked up fuel and turned it over and it started! Will post more updates and likely many questions as I begin restoring and upgrading it.

Moto Guzzi.jpg

Re: New Moped!!!!

Chöschi21 C.K. /

Hey man, i am sorry to tell you this, but you got Ripped off, your Moto Guzzi is missing a Cylinder!

Re: New Moped!!!!

You are going to want a gas cap if you don't have one, how is the inside of the tank? If rusty you will want to clean it and add an inline filter. Not sure what there is for performance mods for this bike, just get her running stock and enjoy it.

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Looks great !

Re: New Moped!!!!

Caleb Walker /

Yep! I want to get her runnin great before I upgrade it, but It just needed that bigger carb. It had a dellorto SHA 14.9 on it. <<<<SLOW>>>> The bigger carb fixed that :-)

As for the tank, it is a little rusty but not to bad to use. I have an inline filter with a magnet on it right now which should deal with any particles that might decide to come floatin. Also, I designed a gas cap CAD file that i can print as soon as my new filament arrives...

Re: New Moped!!!!

Jimmy Cincinnati /

That was well worth $50,Moto Guzzi used a Benelli engine i believe and the one i had was oddly peppy for a 1 speed with a good cruising speed. ONe of the best 1 speed engines pulling a hill. You could always go to the hardware store and get some cork to fit the cap for now until you can make a proper one.

I like the pics! What part of the country are you in? Is that your property? Wish i had a creek in my yard, i love taking the kids down and catching minnows and crayfish.

Re: New Moped!!!!

Paul Boyer (OFMC) /

Very nice. Congrats!!! I miss my Guzzi.


Re: New Moped!!!!

GET IT 0n !, NICE !

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