Puch euro kit exhaust flange size??

Dave Kaminski /

Hey everyone, I bought a puch project bike, I don’t know a ton about them other than what I’ve been able to research. Basically what I have been told I have is an E50 with a brand new eurokit installed. Everything seems to be together cerrectly but the exhaust pipe I have won’t attach because the holes for the two bolts on he flange do not quite align with the holes on the engine. I have included a photo of the gasket so you could more easily see how they are slightly off. Does the euro kit require a different exhaust?


Re: Puch euro kit exhaust flange size??

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Sometimes you need to file the holes in the flange a bit to get them to line up. Sometimes you need to do the same with the exhaust gasket.

Re: Puch euro kit exhaust flange size??

Ya I hit them with the dremil

Re: Puch euro kit exhaust flange size??

basically welecome to mopeds, nothing fits perfect, id highly recommend finding a local friendly moped person that will show u the ropes in a few hours, whereas it would take months if not years off your life to learn by yourself.

Re: Puch euro kit exhaust flange size??

Like just about anything not OEM , you have make them fit .

That's half the fun of old machines . ;)

Re: Puch euro kit exhaust flange size??

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

I usually make my own flanges. 1/4" min thickness, 5/16" even better. Must fit absolutely perfect, mounting holes included (no rocking), and be dead flat, which is the easiest part. The barrel flange needs to be dead flat, too.

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