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Mark Jarvis /

That's my ride; a 1963 Honda 50 (aka c100). I just rebuilt the carb and adjusted the valves,checked the timing, and whatnot. I've done some electrical work on it too, but there is not much involved in that. Anyways, I want to know if there are any comrades in Portland, OR who want to take over a bar and turn it into a moped hangout. Think of the possibilites, we could drink beer, play pool, toss some darts, shuffleboard, whatever. I would not be adverse to pickin some fights and getting the place a little stirred up. But no guns; fists and barstools only! We wouldnt want the violence getting out of hand.

Any takers?

RE: Honda C100

Man, If you lived in CT..Id be SO down for that..

Thats a great idea

RE: Honda C100

Mark Jarvis /

Ohh, so close but yet so far. I must keep the faith that others will be down in p-town.

Until then, I'm a one man band. Good to hear that you are out there.

RE: Honda C100

I'm a complete 4-stroke NUT. But I'm afraid I live in Holland, sorry.

By the way, a Honda C100 is different from a C50. The C100 has a different rear wheel suspension, a different carburettor, a different cilinderhead, 4 gears instead of 3 and most of all 100cc's instead of 50.

RE: Honda C100

Mark Jarvis /

Yeah, I have been unsure of that myself, but when I went to register my bike, the Honda Vehicle ID# started C100 blah blah blah.

So I thought it was a C100.

But I guess it's not, 3-spds.

So mine is a C50.

What do you kow about getting new parts, valve, cam gears, chains, pistons, rocker arms, rods, etc....

I want to do a rebuild!!!

RE: Honda C100

Rods? You've got an oldfashioned pushrod version from the sixties? If yours has a 100cc engine it should be able to go abaut 70-75 Mph, if it's a 50cc engine it probably wont get past 40. I've got a tuned 4-geared 50cc engine with a SOHC and my bike goes 50 Mph.

Do I know where to get parts? I can get complete engines! If you need any parts you should surf to and click on CONTACT. There you can mail to the owner of 4-Stroke Bike Centre. This shop deals exlusivly in 4-stroke honda's and has an international postorder service. The only problem you might have is that the site is in Dutch, but you'll be fine when you've found the contact-page.

RE: Honda C100

here in america, as well as some other countries, honda's c100 name was attached to a 50cc bike. in the 60's-70's, honda played around with several variations of the infamous cub. from there we got a very diverse family tree with moped, scooter and motorcycle branches. as with many honda products, interchangability can be quite fun. imagine a 50cc honda with a 5spd manual.

what is a 65 c100 with 3000 miles worth?

any help would be great!

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