Re: '60s Testi Weekend Cross project

The pipe is an original, vintage race pipe that'll wake the dead. At idle it's a little loud, and wind out first gear it's like a symphony of angry bees, amplified to ten.

The muffler is from a metragas pipe, I grinded the stinger weld off the pipe, slid it inside, then welded the muffler on.

Cut the muffler in half, because the pipe is so long already, I didn't want it sticking way out passed the wheel.

It's still kinda loud, but more like street bike loud, and not racetrack deafening.

I'll make a video of it whenever.

I love this bike and never ride it. Mostly because it wasn't registered, and technically it's a "real" motorcycle. But now I'll slap my dealer plate in it and cruise it around more.

Oh, and it's been sitting for about 5 months, and started on the second kick...

Re: '60s Testi Weekend Cross project

Too bad it's so loud . Be great if volume = performance .

Looks pretty good on the bike . Maybe use decent ear plugs .

And , it's always nice when a bike is an easy starter . ;)

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