carb jet is a 82 ?

I had someone come and look at the moped, and it would not idle and it totally bogs out until 20 and you have to feather the throttle to get it there. So I called Marcel and he said he will send me the next two jets below it which is a 76 and a 72. Do you think one of them jets will solve the problem. I have a 16 mm Malossi. Or do you think I need to get a smaller jet than that.

Re: carb jet is a 82 ?

chuck russo va /

i thought u said your moped runs fine and everything, when u were trying to sell it ??

Re: carb jet is a 82 ?

It does run fine, yesterday is the first time I messed with the idle screw and put a hotter plug in it. It has like 4 times more power than before it just bogs a little more on bottom end and wont hardly idle sometimes. It depends on how bad the plug is. I am currently trying to find another plug for it. When I first started it up and took off the thing was screaming out of the hole. But the plugs will not last with the fuel running so rich.

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