Batavus hybrid project

Settle in, this is a long story!

I'll finally be rid of that curse of an engine, the dreaded laura M56! It has bee replaced with a Morini franco (some malaguti parts). First off, I cut off the stock undercarriage and took another off a donor bike (Gloria intramotor Verona). The bats frame tube was slightly narrower than the donor so steel rods were used to fill in the gaps on either side.

The bullet style headlight got can probably guess why *has traumatic flashback to dealing with speedo cables* and replaced it with a puck style one. The original Batavus sidecover mounts were kept, I want to keep it as stock looking as I am able, though for reasons of protecting the wiring, I'm modifiying the verona left side cover to look as much like the original as I can. The rear fender was swapped out for the one from the Verona as the forward end was more complete than the Bats.

Having painted everything after welding came the reassembly....That body housing is just no fun to put on.

Since it is a blend of two rather different designs I'm currently having to rework the whole wiring harness for the horn and lights.


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Paint WIP


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I'm loving this.

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Side cover cut, drilled, sanded and painted


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Glad you like it!

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Send me the m56 andbullet headlight!

I hate swaps on bats, but this one at least looks nice and stock.

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The M56 has a new home already and if you're up for paying the shipping (I'm in Ontario, Canada) I'll gladly send the main body of it to you minus the guts and chrome ring.

The M56 gave me nothing but headaches, from the crumby carb buried behind the side cover, the belt cogs and its own airfilter to the proprietary oddball flat-belt with its unadjustable cogs, it was just not mechanic friendly.

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I love me a Laura. Nothing has ever failed on my wife’s except the starter mechanism. More reliable than any other bike We have had. Sorry yours was a bad egg! But your swap will be great, Morinis are awesome, too.

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The motors matching sprocket: Tooled to fit with only a digital caliper, a drill to make properly placed bolt holes and a dremel with sanding mandrel (sanding drum) to slightly expand the axel hole. Set the calipers to half the difference between this and the stock one and used them to score a line which I used as a guide with the dremel....*four test fits and 2.5 hours of sanding later*...and viola! One ratio-matching sprocket on a stock batavus rim!!


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The urethane belt on mine disintegrated at the start of a ride. At the time I had no idea what was going on...motor was still running, throttle revved it up but zero sign of any acceleration.

After letting it cool I opened it up only to find what looked like snow all through the cogs and inside the cover from the cogs shredding the belt. On top of that, you know that lovely steel thread that runs through the belt? Well, since the motor was still running and I did those test revs they ground these cute little grooves all through the teeth of the cogs.

I did my best to revive it, a swap wasn't my first reaction. Since no one makes the right belt any more I found a guy that had ordered some made. The place he had make them had a minimum order so he ended up with a lot of extras and was selling them. I got one and after a great deal of effort got it on those bloody cogs...and I got it to start...and the belt promptly walked off over the little disk on the smaller cog, nicely shredding the belt in the process. The guy was extremely gracious enough to send me another belt, which I again tried to install with much the same result.

This is why I've no interest in ever owning another M56...I love the look of the regency, and part of the issues can possibly be attributed to it being a bad egg as you put it but the use of the flat belt to begin with along with the difficult to access and limited carburetor are simply poor design on the part of whomever engineered it. (edited)

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Yikes that sucks. Sounds like I should try to track down some NOS belts to hoard for when this one goes... ;)

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Not the worst idea I've ever heard lol! In the long run though, I'd suggest reassessing your stance on engine swaps :D...share this thought with your S/O...if you're ever out riding and suddenly lose power but the motor is still running, shut it down immediately!! No revs, don't think about it, just hit that kill switch: it might just save your motor.

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Disassembled and getting selective and strategic paint!


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(Also cleaning)

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