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I just got a Vespa Piaggio Ciao and Grande, they didn't run, but I changed the spark plugs and cleaned the carbs, added a fuel line filter, and cleaned the gas tanks, but we can't get the top running speeds up to what they should be. I can get about 20 mph for the Ciao and I think that it should go around 25 mph, and the Grande gets 23-24 mph and the person I got it from said it should go 30-35 mph. Am I not doing something? Thanks!

Re: Fixing Vespa Ciao and Grande

I know at least for the Grande there were different speed versions made: 20, 25, and 30 mph. Maybe you have the 25 mph version.

Re: Fixing Vespa Ciao and Grande

also, if they are old or have a lot of miles on them, their exhausts might be full of carbon. This would restrict them a bit and you could lose HP.

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Weight of the previous owner?

weight of current rider(s)?

What Gas/Oil mix are you using?

Is the Ciao a single speed or variable?

Mfg and number of new spark plug?

Spark plug gap?

New belts probably will help (better tension, more torque)

Did you check the tranny oil?

Did you put the air flilers back on both peds after carb cleaning?

Did you check air pressure in front and rear tires?

Did you oil front and rear brake cables to make sure brakes are not partially applied?

Re: Fixing Vespa Ciao and Grande

mopedmaniaclt /

i own a vespa ciao and mine is a 1981 and it gets 28mph down a straight road. When i go down a hill i get about 33mph there is a little help. Gas mix is 50:1

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Thanks everyone! How do I check the carbon in the exhust or fix the problem? I am about the same size of the previous rider, I may be a bit smaller. The plug is NGK b5hs, I gap the ciao at .020 and the grande at about .027. Could you describe the process of changing the belts? What belts are proper? The tires are full. I put the air filters in place. Where on the brake cables should I apply oil? I was using 50:2 or 2.5oz to 1 gal. Where can I check the transmission oil? How can I tell if the ciao is a variable or single? Thanks for all the answers and I'm sorry about the many new questions, I am new to mopeds and engines in general. Thanks again!

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You have some nice bikes there, Dan

-Both plug gaps are .020.

-To change the belt on the Grande, take off the left side cover.

You don't need tools, just strong hands. Carefully squeeze the two halves of the rear pulley apart to have the belt creep to the middle of the pulley. Then you just slip it off the front pulley and work it off the back. Reinstallation is the reverse.

Set the belt on the rear pulley and squeeze them apart ot have the belt drop in, then loop it around the front. Next time you pedal it, the belt will adjust itself automatically. Just be aware that you can pinch your fingers if you are not careful.

-Cable lubing: Back off the adjusters so you have the most free-play. I unhook the cable from the lever, then put in one drop of oil for each inch of cable length. Work the cable in and out as you oil it. Do it one drop at a time. Reinstall the cable and adjust the brakes.

Do the same with the throttle and decompressor cable.

-The transmission oil is at the rear hub. look for a bolt or screw head below the black button that disengages the motor so you can pedal like a bike.

90 wt gear oil up to the level of the plug. I use a plastic turkey baster and some aquarium tubing to fill mine. Don't lay the bike on its side to fill!!! You will get oil on the brakes and spill battery fluid if it has a battery

-If the Ciao is a single speed, it will have a plain pulley on the rear hub for the belt. A variable speed will look just like the Grande.

Your fuel/oil ratio is correct. The fuel tank holds 3.5 quarts max.

Re: Fixing Vespa Ciao and Grande

Thanks Jim C

I was just to darned tired to answer tonight. Good job!

And good luck Dan. Both peds are very nice and will last you a long time if you take care of them.

You can get parts at the Vespasupershop in San Diego. Thye don't do email only phone 619-574-1818 ask for Fabio

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