Boston--Shot to death for his Moped

Any riders from Boston? I'm saving this article, and I'll scan it in. I can't post a URL-- although it is from the Monday edition of the Portland Press Herald.

My wife is typing in the text of the article now-- It was more of a blurb...

long story short, an Air force vet, in his 50's was shot to death by thugs trying to steal his new moped. He was showing it off to "Friends and Kin" as the incident happens.

This is awful. Boston is pretty close to portland. Man, imagine your brother or dad getting shot while he's beaming over his new moped.

The actual text of the article will be in the next post. I was able to get partial stories of the incident from the Boston herald... but they wanted 2.00 for more than a few words.

I have the paper right in front of me.. some people deserve to be killed.... but not nice old guys showing of their new mopeds.


Re: Boston--Shot to death (Article)

Portland Press Herald (Maine), Monday June 24th

Veteran Shot dead in struggle over his new moped

A veteran planning to retire next week was shot and killed by would-be thieves who tried to steal the 56-year-old man's new moped, police and relatives said.

Bennie Raye, a decorated veteran who served in the Air Force and the Army Reserves, had been showing off his moped to friends and kin on Friday night around 11 p.m. when two men tried to steal the bike.

During the strugle, one of the men pulled out a handgun and shot Raye twice. The gunman fled on foot and dropped an amunition clip from the weapon.

hang 'em high

what a mess

Re: hang 'em high

Give him the chair!!!


Re: hang 'em high (catch 'em first)

I was looking for follow ups. I think they fled on foot and escaped.

Re: hang 'em high (catch 'em first)

i hope i dont get mugged for my moped.!!!!

Re: Boston--Shot to death (Article)

if only the guy lived and chased the guys down. Would u want someone to chase you on a moped when they know how to fly a fighter plane?

Attn: Simon Boston--Shot to death for his Moped

How about naming a Boston Branch for him and making him an Honorary member of the Moped Army.

Re: Attn: Simon Boston--Shot to death for his M

InfectedBootSector /

I second that. This guy needs to be remembered. He served his country. These thugs need to be hunted down and brought to justice.

Re: Boston--Shot to death for his Moped

I am sure they were simply poor, underprivileged youths who had been cheated by the system. That man should have handed over his bike to those poor men and said, "I am truly sorry I had the audacity to work hard and make something of myself. It is because of people like me that you folks have been held down in ignorance and poverty. Take this bike as a penance for my evil ways."

Just Kidding.

As a fellow AF vet, I would like to see those two ass----s thrown into the compressor turbine of a C-17 engine at full throttle. Of course, nothing like that will ever happen in the liberal bastion of the "People's Republic of Massachussets". Be careful folks. When they catch these animals, they'll be on parole in a couple years...

Shoot Back.

Reeperette /

This is why it's generally a good idea to be armed in some fashion when you ride....from what I gather by the text, the pistol was pulled after the scuffle had started, and if this vet had been armed - it might have turned out differently.

And as I've stated before, which Wayne recalls, no doubt - if you do get into it with someone in the course of your riding, finish the job, cause as this story shows, you never know whether they could be packin or not.


Re: Shoot Back.

Just not in Boston. You'll end up staring in your own episode of HBO's "Oz". An episode that lasts a couple of years. Only criminals and the Kennedys' bodyguards are armed in Mass. Better to just let the thugs kill you.


Reeperette /

Baltimore isn't any better about it, but a length of decent chain with a padlock attached to it, see - that's pretty easy to explain, "hey , it's what I lock my ride up with at the mall"..etc.

It's also a quite formidable weapon in the right hands, but is not generally considered one in that context, when carted along on a moped.

Just a thought.


PS - Swap your brake levers.

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