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hey everyone, I have a 2001 tomos targa and I put a toolbox on the back of mine and rigged up a little light to the magneto so I could see in the box at night. I was just wondering if anyone knows any other uses of the electricity on a moped.....maybe a 12v outlet? juz curios.......

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My 2000 targa was not powerful enough to power the compressor for my air horn. I wired the Tomos horn leads directly to the compressor--- that way I could keep the "stock" horn button and swap out the puny horn for a compressor.

When I pushed the switch it would give a little push, but the moped just wasn't pushing the amps the compressor wanted.

What kind of devices are you planning to run and for how long?

Gel-cell technology has come a long way, and some damn cheap batteries go a long way.

And think about it.... if your moped breaks down at night, you won't have any power to generate to use your devices and lights???~!!!

kind of a connundrum there.

I have to admit.... i have some serious gear on my moped. but if i wanted to make it have 12v power anytime, from a automotive style lighter jack, it would be very unobtrusive. your bike is perfect for adding a battery where it wouldn't be noticed.

Don't try to hook anything to your moped's electrical.... maybe experiment a little, and if it works..... but remember it might strain other parts not meant for the stress.

Some guy was bragging about how he hooked up a neon tube to his moped right from wires he spliced from the rear brake light.... that's cool, but I think I asked for more info and he didn't post any.....

A scooter..... now, you could probably get a lot of power from one of those, but no places to put your gear...!

In short, your moped may seem to be AC at some spots and DC in others, but in most cases... it's an AC current with DC properties... or vice versa.... not the kind of current designed for powering gadgets.

Plus, that extra draw on your moped could affect your tailllights and headlights etc.... they all act together to 'balance; the voltage I think.

I am impressed with you running a light from the mag neeto.... and I'm familiar with the 2000 targa, and I have a 1992, torn down...

would you explain more about how/what you hooked up where attached.... what kind of volts is it registering...?

add a decent gel-cell... small, cheap, and anough for emergency 12v power in a lot of situations.

Now...before you go buy a gel-cell, we need to wait for the regulars to dissect my understanding of mopeds and how the mag-neeto generates power and if it's AC or DC or both.


Hope that helps. don't forget my questions for you--- regarding the light you hooked up.

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> Now...before you go buy a gel-cell, we need to wait for the

> regulars to dissect my understanding of mopeds and how the

> mag-neeto generates power and if it's AC or DC or both.

What kind of battery do those kids power wheels cars take. I know it's 12 volt. Is that a gel cell? My daughter has one and that thing holds a charge for a long time. Think one of those would work for powering some air horns?

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Most toys and medical devices that need a lot of power with NO problem with acid leakage....and easy recharge with long life...

safe to say it's a gel-cell.

that's a good picture of all the gel-cells.... some are only a few inches by a few inches.

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Brad Crockett /

hey, well I got some pics of how I got it hooked up at this site I made the site just to prove that I actually can do it lol....and from what I can tell, it does not affect lights dont even dim the only thing that makes anything dim is when I am at a low idle and I beep the horn or if its really really cold out side the lights dim with my blinkers...........and I figure that I can use this light before I leave somewhere at night....or when I am coming I can leave the moped runing find the tools or whatever else I need......


the rc cells are Nicad

Re: brad's tool light

Dude-- that's sweet. I didn't think it could be done!

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