Bing carb

SDizzle johnson /

Hi, curious I have a list of bing carbs and it tells you what size jet should be in the specific carb! I have a 12mm carb and the number o. The carb is 1/12/321. I see every other number but that number and suggestions? Thanks

Re: Bing carb

Probably Fred /

Just put a jet and atomizer in that works best

What bike, engine, cylinder type and hp/mph model is it going on?

Also are you running stock pipe with stock air box and snorkle? If not the stock jet size won’t be right most times any way !

Re: Bing carb

Cleats Onionpockets /

There is a chart on the wiki showing what jet size went with what bing carb, based on that numbering stamped on the carb. Check it out!

Re: Bing carb

SDizzle johnson /

Right now there is a 54 jet size in it. It has s aftermarket exhaust and factory air box. What size jet should I try next to go to the next level?


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