Honda NX50 express-SR questions

Can anyone tell me where I can find a maintenance manual for this scooter/moped?

Can anyone explain how the enriching system works? I can start it if I choke it with my fingers in the intake, but the normal starting system does not work. Ken

Re: Honda NX50 express-SR questions

Dwight Foster /

My moped acts like it is not in gear. I throttle it and it won't accelerate. It is Honda V-matic. I put oil in the reservoir and after a while it leaks to the ground.

I haven't put any oil in it because it leaks out. Is that why it doesn't get up and go? I use Pro Honda GN2 Injector/Premix oil.

I need a manual.

Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

Thank you from Kansas City!

Dwight Foster

Re: Honda NX50 express-SR questions

Go to links on this site and hit on `Expressly Mopeds'.It sounds like your belt is gone or your Variable pulley is shot or locked.See the MopedWhiz on Expressly Mopeds,Dwight.And if you post on a new topic you'll get more attention,man! (:^)

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