What is this worth, Please help

I have a 1975 Puch Maxi S, It is in almost perfect condition, all the lights work. Seat is in great condition, it just has some surface rust from sitting so long. It only has 514 miles on it, It has a speed kit, pipe, 16mm carb, and new fuel lines and cock. It is white, I also have the manual for it. I might be selling it, I just saw a 1977 puch maxi with 620 miles that needed a tune up and did not run good, go for 600 before shipping. I want like 500 for mine is this unreasonable. I also have all the stock parts.

Re: What is this worth, Please help

Matt Wilson /

Casey fess up and tell us whats wrong with the bike.

Why else would you want to sell a ped that you just dumped $300 into?


Re: What is this worth, Please help

Nothing, I just found out that I am going out of state to college two days ago. The only thing is that it is having trouble idleing, I just have to keep playing with the carb it is brand new.

Re: What is this worth, Please help

Just because I'm nosey- where are you going and why can't you take it with you?

Some states will allow a ped or any vehicle registered in another state, as long as everything is kept current.

Re: What is this worth, Please help

I am going to SIUC, that is southern university of carbondale. I am going to be living in the dorms for a semester, then after I move out maybe I will buy a 2002 Tomas Targa

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