No fuel in fuel line

Ronald Doskoez Jr /

Hello everyone.... I have a 1971 Puch finally got it running right with the correct jets thanks to everyone on here. But now I have a problem where it won’t start but the Petcock flows fine all the way to the carb once I put the fuel line on the carb there is no gas in the line. Any suggestions?

Re: No fuel in fuel line

Dirty30 Dillon /

Your needle valve is stuck

Re: No fuel in fuel line

Sometimes there is an air bubble in the line, use the little black button on carb see what happens. You can pre fill ur line to remove the air pockets

Re: No fuel in fuel line

If you are saying that you can disconnect the fuel line from the carb and fuel flows just fine onto the ground but when you then reattach the line to the carb the fuel doesn't flow into the carb, try this: Attach a separate piece of fuel line to the carb only. Now blow lightly into the line to see if the path is clear. If it is not clear I can only see two things that the problem can be. As mentioned above, the float valve might be stuck closed. Or, the fuel inlet stub may be blocked. Let us know.

Re: No fuel in fuel line

Probably Fred /

Other things could be

Filter in banjo fitting blocked,

Vent in carb tiny hole) that vents to bowl blocked

Re: No fuel in fuel line

Yes,like Ken said,float bowl vent plugged.

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