Beta moped, how much is it worth

I was given a beta moped last year out of the blue and I took it upon myself to fix it up. After about a month of replacing parts I got it started but then realized the carburator was shot, so that was replaced. I must have put close to $300 and 300hours into this moped. How much can I expect to get for it?

Re: Beta moped, how much is it worth

Do you have a pic? Mopeds are only worth what people will pay for them. How many Miles?

Re: Don't expect, use it!

When I bought my Vespa Grande, it was with the intention to fix it up, ride it a while to get my money back, and sell it.

Three years later, I realize it is more fun than than the money I spent on it!


Re: Beta moped, how much is it worth

I agree with C. and J. There was a kid in the buy/sell forum... he'd worked his ass off on a 1980's qt-50.... mods, restoration, everything....

he expected that since he'd 'invested' so much, other people would pay him for it....

it was tough convincing him that no matter how many hours he put into it... blood sweat and tears.... it didn't affect the cost at all.

Keep it... or sell it to a friend for a good price.

what year is it? mileage? what in the heck was so bad it took 300 hours to fix? that's almost 13 straight days of work, round the clock, 24/7

good luck though. I've never seen a Beta moped. I ought to go check the pictures section.

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