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I just purchased a !976 Puch Maxi. This is my first moped, and I've been riding it stock for a few weeks now. I would like to begin to tune it, but having trouble on figuring out where to start. I was thinking about with putting a new a bigger carburetor, but having trouble deciding on the size. Any other advice would be great. Thanks

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Just read this first: Fred's Guide

"Bigger carburetor" is not really a great place to start

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wiki under puch to performance

Re: Where to start

Give the motor a rebuild first and then see if you can get it started after zipping it all back together.

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The moped was rebuilt stock by the previous owners, and is running great. It averages at about 28mph on flat ground. But I want to start putting performance parts on it and tuning it to make it go faster. I was planning on putting a 70cc cylinder on it eventually, should I start there?

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Bad Cadillac™ /

> Ryan Graeme Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Give the motor a rebuild first and then see if you can get it started

> after zipping it all back together.

Don't do this as a first timer and beginner...

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the best place to start is to learn what you actually have. is it a 1hp, 1.5hp, or 2hp? What size and type of carb is on it now? If its a 2hp cyl w/ 14 bing carb then you should be able to get it to go 35-40 without buying anything but a pipe and hi flow air filter and learning how to tune. You want to learn how to tune on a stock cylinder. If you try to learn to tune on a kit and you will be buying a lot of kits...

But first mod should 100% be pipe and air filter, assuming your bike has the original pipe on it now. Might have to upjet too. Buying a kit now is like buying a car and not knowing how to drive...

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Charles McCusker /

first thing i did a couple years ago when i got my first puch was take a stock running e50 motor and put a mild pipe on it and a metal mesh filter and just start playing with timing carb tuning, clutch tuning, and gearing and see how much performance i can get out of it. got it up to 36. Couldn't get anymore due to previous damage to the motor that had scored the piston.

Tore that engine down and while that was going on I rebuilt a stock za50, flipped 2nd and put new pucks in, learned to reshim it properly and then tuned that.

NOW after learning that am I diving in to actually building an e50, and I'm sure I had plenty I still could have learned with the e50 had it not been damaged and cylinder/piston needed replaced.

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