Bit of Steyr-Puch history

Brad William /

This is the Fiat Bianchina my father owned in Rome, Italy from '65 to '68. (image loaded below) Ours was clad in 'celeste' green. Otherwise the same. On USAF reassignment to the US we tried to ship it but it was not to be done. Too bad.

Brother 7 and me 6, we fit nicely in the tiny rear seats. Mom n dad comfortably in the front. Roll back rag top open to the sky. Steaming our little tea kettle down a mountain pass at a nice clip one afternoon mom's 'suicide' door popped open and the wind nearly took it off of it's hinges. More laughter than panic. Good memories.

So I go browsing google image pages for the Bianchina today. Under a few of the images I notice links to Steyr-Puch sites. Hmm. Really?

A few Puch mopeds have occupied enough of my time in recent years to make the link kind of interesting to my distant memories. The following link is a fun little read. (edited)

fiat bianchina.jpg

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Chöschi21 C.K. /

This isn't anything new for me, small 500ccm Boxer Engines, better to modify than the i2 in the Fiats, we sometimes have Puch G's in the shop where i Work, they basicaly are licensed Mercedes G Models, they are mostly used by the Swiss, German and Austrian Army, Germans also use the Mercess G's, the French had Licence built G's made by Peugeot.

Re: Bit of Steyr-Puch history

I could share a similar story but it makes no difference and no one cares.

The Steyr Daimler Puch is long lost history, a long lost strive for quality.

You better hold on to what you got, it is never coming back.

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carl jepsen /

I used to think I knew everything and that I fuckin owned the world before I read this. Thanks for the free advice.

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Larry Picarello /

Great stuff, thanks for posting this!

A postscript

Brad William /

My dad passed with skin cancer in '70. Some short months later my mom brother and I were driving the Olds Delmont 88 land yacht down 28th street in Grand Rapids, MI and saw this little green Honda on the lawn of a car dealership. Love at first sight. That's it above. Same year and color. Reincarnation of dads beloved Bianchina.

We bought it that week. 1900 USD out the door. Ran the crap out of it. Every bit as fun loving and memorable as the Italian job. It had a 600cc air cooled Honda twin under the hood that looked, and likely was, basically lifted from the cradle of a motorcycle!!

My brother got his license a few years later and promptly, in good American youthful tradition, proceeded to destroy our poor loveable little knobby-kneed mule with abuse.

Sold it soon after. (edited)

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That Fiat Bianchina is over the top cool. Would love to have something really odd like that.

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I’ve owned several Kei cars & vans over the years, Subaru 360 2 strokes Honda 600s like pictured above. Recently passed on a single seater narrow cab truck, kicking myself now that I learned of pending narrow vehicle legislation here in Cali.

Just ran across this cool Vespa listed on SF Craigslist for only $30K. Look very similar to the Fiat:

1959 VESPA 400 Micro Car - remarkable survivor with great historical interest

This 1959 Vespa 400 is an all original example in perfect running order. It was discovered in France and imported to the USA.

All paperwork is in order. Original paint in a charming French Blue shade has some significant patina and surface blemishes due to weathering, but still looks very good considering the age. No rust, no dents, very straight and solid body and trim.

The interior is in good condition and everything works as expected. The roll back convertible top is new.

Mechanically A1, starts readily and runs great. Brakes, trans, clutch and suspension all in top condition and all maintenance is up to date. Odometer shows just under 8K Kilometers ( approx. 5K miles), believed to be original mileage. Very likely one of the finest overall all-original examples in existence today.

Super fun to drive, quite reliable, simple to maintain and just the coolest micro ever. Extremely rare in this all-original, low mileage, very complete condition. A unique addition to any collection or a very cute, attention getter for promotional purposes.

Comes with the original French license plates, has a current California title and registration, and is ready to enjoy or add to your collection.

4953 original miles

1959 VESPA CAR 400

Frame 300USA015587

Licence 7JKH197

Asking $29,975 / Serious Inquiries only


Re: Bit of Steyr-Puch history

There were all kinds of variations of the Fiat Nuovo 500. The Steyr-Daimler-Puch the most interesting, with its border twin.

Love Bianchinas. I owned a '58 and a '59 in the same blue and white two-tone when I was still living in SoCal, back in the 1970s. The '58 had spent its life as gardeners' transport around an L.A. City park in the San Fernando Valley, and I ended up putting an Abarth 695SS engine in it that I scored from an independent Fiat repair shop in Bell Gardens. Suspension was upgraded to go with the massive (in relative terms) power increase.

Sadly, I decided to sell it when I moved to NZ in 1981. I've seen some come up for sale, stateside, and the prices amaze me. You couldn't give 'em away, 40+ years ago!

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Brad William /

1959 VESPA 400 Micro Car

...and another distant uncle with mopeds (ok.. scooters) in the family tree!

Thanks for the input here y'all. I hadn't imagined it would resonate so much here.

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Brad William /

Found another little bit of puch lore... i was in high school in 1975. local off road riding in michigan was generally a hare scambles. Through the woods, moderate but challenging hills (the trees and roots) usually some muddy mire along the way. Pentons were made for this. Motocross bikes were by now well represented by the major four japanese brands, but the brand that had really stirred things up around '68 was still the coolest thing to own. The sound/wail of a penton on the track or in the woods was animal like and unmistakeable. The "sunburst" head on the small two stroke made the engine look three times bigger than its displacement and radiated its two stroke note like a warning or a challenge. too cool. i wanted one so bad.

Read this in a forum today. So at least one puch powered 175 made it to the states around that time. interesting... for my memory anyway:)

leathervisorguy wrote:

Initially, KTM was using Sachs and Puch engines in their mopeds and small street bikes before they actually began to manufacture their own engines. So that's why the Penton's had Sachs engines.

Actually, because of the transmission issues that the Sachs engines had, Uncle John actually tried to get KTM to use the 125 and 175 Puch engines in the Pentons. There were two prototypes with the Puch engines in them, but only one (the 175) came to the US. The 125 never got here, but we have some pictures of the bike. (edited)

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kevin Smellaflange /

where are the peddles?

don't tell me about brake peddles etc.

it is cool though.

can i post my 1964 MEYER'S MANX?

i didn't think so...

Re: Bit of Steyr-Puch history

Pushrod Fifty /

The Puch Trike!

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