ikesbikes web site!!

Hey guys and gals, check out www.ikesbikes.com. I t is not finished but it is getting there!!

Thanks to Shane, a.k.a. InectedBootSector !!!!!

Re: ikesbikes web site!!

Well done Shane. Ike , the prices of the Tomos look good to me here in Canada. They're a lot more expensive here. Good luck with your shop, it looks like you have a nice start. bruce

Re: ikesbikes web site!!


Site looks terrific. Two suggestions for further improvement:

(1) Fix the spelling of "experience" on the home page.

(2) You might want to add a "Home" button on the other pages, or make the "Ike's Bikes" logo a hyperlink back to the home page. I couldn't figure out how to get back there without reloading the original website address (or hitting "Back" several times.)

Re: ikesbikes web site!!

InfectedBootSector /

Haha... yeah.. I made a few mistakes. I'm going to do some changes today and get some more stuff up there.

I'm thinking that the new mopeds sections looks a little too cluttered and I am going to change it a bit.

The home button... I kinda overlooked that, but planned on adding it today.

More to come!

Re: ikesbikes web site!!

nice site

Re: ikesbikes web site!!


Sorry, i spelled Infected wrong too!!!!


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