paint scratches too easly

my mopeds paint scratches so easly. i have no way to stop it help me please my bike is loosing value. is there any substance that will remove the scratches. i tryed gs27 but it didnt work. i tryed wax but i didnt work too well. please help me im in trouble.

Re: paint scratches too easly

the smallest thing can take out paint like a cats finger nail. should i get a new powder coated paint job. or would my bike loose too much value or origanality

Re: paint scratches too easly

please reply

Re: paint scratches too easly

chuck russo va /

powder coat it, its fairly cheap

Re: paint scratches too easly

you should be more worried about your nervous tension, than the paint on your bike. you're going to end up with an ulcer or something.

other than that, i have nothing useful to add. but you wanted a reply...

what kind of moped is it?

Re: paint scratches too easly

i have a negrini 1983 with olny 380 miles on it. i hope to keep it in tip top shape. it is a very rare bike. it looks like a motor cycle

Re: paint scratches too easly

get some auto polishing compound and an electric buffer, then try 2 polish out the scratches, if it dosent work, then just repaint the bike. Negrini's arent THAT rare, ive seen one like your talking about before, also seen a step through version. it has a Minarelli or Morini engine right? if so, has a LOT of performance parts for it. also, make sure that those 308mi are TRUE miles, moped speedometer cables break a LOT, so it may really have more than you think.


Re: paint scratches too easly

thanks garret you are a big help. and they are the original miles beacouse it was my grandfathers when he bought it brand new in 1983. we have had no breakdowns or anything yet.

Re: paint scratches too easly

if you're willing to throw money at it, in paint maybe you could get it clear-coated?

It depends on what type of paint the original stuff is. Of course to do it right, you have to TOTALLY dis-assemble it before you paint or powder coat it.

With powder coating, don't you have to have it down to the bare metal anyway? It is a baking process, and only works on metal.

Was the ped painted before, with spray paint or something? Original paint 19 years old usually is pretty resistant to scratches.

Re: paint scratches too easly

it has never been re painted its just was not a good paint the factory put on. ill have some pics for you later today

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