Puch MV50/M2.....gap/oil leak on top of engine casing !!?

Only just noticed as regular small oil leak under bike on floor. I've had a few of these Puch MV50's over the years but never noticed a gap on top of engine casing. This is a lovely low-mileage bike so hasn't been messed about with. If you wipe the oil...a little more appears.....is there supposed to be a rubber seal here ?

Any help appreciated.



Re: Puch MV50/M2.....gap/oil leak on top of engine casing !!?

Jeremy Homser /

My ms50 engine has the same casting and it doesn't leak. Maybe your center case gasket has a problem or maybe the bolts that hold the engine half's together got a little loose and are letting oil get past the gasket. Also there should not be much pressure at the top of the case to force anything out. Maybe your crankcase breather is clogged.

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