MZ Moskito

frank stellagh /

Just to let anyone who's interested know: check out for the MZ Moskito @ $1700. [MSRP is $ 2200]

German built, meets moped standards most places and 2 year warranty available. It IS a bit heavy at 188 lbs/85 kgs (and that leaves me out -- couldn't get it into my apartment). Looks fabulous and I don't even work for PJ Scooters. Probably get a discount if I did.

Anybody out there already own(ed) one? Nice to know what somebody else thinks of it.


Re: MZ Moskito

never ridden a Moskito, but a friend if mine used to have an old MZ motorcycle from the 70s, it was small like 125-150cc, ugly as all hell, but the thing ran like a top, i dont think he ever brought it in for repair.....EVER! i hope their new bikes are this reliable, probably are, ive seen the moskito (its the scooter right?) up close, their big, but they look fast.


p.s. i thought MZ changed to MuZ, but i could be wrong

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