Honda DAC 70

Hey guys,

I know this isnt a moped but it kinda is....sorta. I was wondering if anyone had any information on a Honda Dac 70. Real cool little thing. 4 stroke, 72cc engine, 4 speed. Never seen one before until my moms friend gave it to me.

Havent tried to start it yet i got the carb soaking in the parts washer now.

Thanks for the info,


Sorry i know its not a mo-ped but the is the best message bord i know of...

Re: Honda DAC 70

this thing is more of a motor cycle and it goes pretty fast. you need a motorcycle premit for it and i think you can go on the highway but im not sure . send in a pic for all of us thanks eric j

dont you mean honda DAX?

do you mean honda DAX? if so, then that is one AWESOME lil bike, once you get it running your gonna have some serious fun, those rock!


Re: dont you mean honda DAX?

Yes, Dax, i had a type-o there. Honda DAX 70. I will post pics soon.


Trac Man

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