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Got most everything put back together, so if nothing else, it'll look pretty. (Moby 50v)

We switched the magnetos on the two engine blocks I have, so now the good one has the good mag, but we need to correctly set the timing. We have a decent idea how, but would much prefer experienced advice.



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Fred's guide, Fred's guide!

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D'oh! That's right. The killer is, I've read the whole article. You'd think I'd remember to look back at it.



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The correct ignition timing for 50 type Motob

sensible engineering

the problem is... many of the Euro peds don't come with T and F marks on the engines cases (like JSL states).

I don't know why they did that... it makes it much harder for the home mechanic.

You can still do it... but you need to be more clever... you might find most of the info you need to do it if you use the 'search' feature for the word 'coathanger'... for the last few months.

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Thanks for the additional info, as I don't have a timing gauge and it migh be tricky to find - though I will find one, if it comes to that.

Meanwhile, let me search for coathangers.


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Ron Brown /


The actual spec is .2mm btdc, points gap .35 - .4mm, plug gap .4 mm.

If you take an old spark plug with the same thread as yours (any number will do but long reach is better. I think a lomg reach plig will screw in far enough to toch the piston top. If not, try bending the side electrode out.

It is important that you clean the threads enough to turn the spark plug in by hand. Screw in the plug until the piston touches it as you approach tdc. Be gentle! Back off the spark plug until the piston will just roll over tdc with a slight wiggle of the spark plug. Now turn the magneto counter clockwise 1/2 turn, screw in the plug 2 complete turns, then continue turning ccw until the piston touches the plug. This is where the points should open. You can make a mark on the flywheel and crankcase if you wish.

If you need to work on the points, the magneto comes off if you remove the center bolt using a 3/8 impact. This is a LEFT HAND thread so be aware.


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