express headlight problems

so why did the brand new headlight that I just bought for my honda express burn out as soon as I started the ped? I followed the wiring diagram in the manual.

Re: express headlight problems

flannelman /

ok what year is the express because there is two wire in there that look the same but one is power and the other is a ground

i did the same thing when i did the rewiring on my 78 express

test the light for contentnewity

i dont know how to spell that last word i think it close

but there is three wire that come off of the head light blue green with a yellow strip and i cant rememer the other one i think it red or green i cant remeber off the top of my head

but the green with a yellow stip i mess up and put it were it shouldhave been and pop there 50 buck gone

Re: express headlight problems


test your battery. I learned the hard way that:

1. the stock batteries are pure crap

2. a bad battery on an Express is a path into moped hell (detroit probably)

Get a replacement battery... it will be better quality and might solve the problem.

You might need to get a new sillicone (or silicon?) rectifier. it looks like a little relay that helps turn the raw AC from the ped into a stable DC that the battery likes.

yeah-- peds with batteries get all kinds of trouble... those bulbs aren't cheap either.

I ended up drilling out the back of one of the headlights, and adding a taillight bulb from a car... at least I could avoid buying those expensive bulbs, only to pop them,

The 12v bulb (on a 6v ped) wasn't bright.... no night riding, but I had a light at least.

I'm certain the problem is too much current cooking the filament in your headlamp... just not sure how to fix it.

I bet Ron B. will know... or someone who had an express and was good with electrical.

see if your battery holds a charge. Ed's battery will have a perfect replacement. they're in Westbrook, they sell me the gel-cells for my stereos.

Mine was a 78 too(headlight problems)

Russ... mine was a 78 express too-- keep that in mind a year or two could make all the difference.

The problems and ideas I had were from the bad experience with my bike.

Re: Mine was a 78 too(headlight problems)

Matt Wilson /

I bought a 6 Volt direct replacement for my peugeot headlamp. It is a sealed unit roughly 4in diameter and it only cost $10.

The part number was 4414, but 4511 has a bluish tint but the same bulb. They are direct replacements of the original.

Any local autoshop with a patient staff should be able to order them.


Re: express headlight problems

Ron Brown /


You have all of the info you need in this thread,

Without the benefit of a diagram, you need either a new battery and/or a new rectifier/regulator. In any event, check with a voltmeter befire you plug the next one in.


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