Don-O sez:

From Expressly Mopeds (The Moped Whiz) forum.

If you have a honda Express and haven't been there, well...

Anyway, here's DON!

<<This stinkin' SuperScout the company put on here is a party-pooper. Oh,well. I should be able to get on a little at home soon. But that's the time I wanna ride or work on my `peds so it's not ideal. It has never lasted this long before. I got blocked once on this forum and about 3 or 4 days later,it lifted. If you wouldn't mind, Jim, tell the guys over there that I am averaging 300-400 miles a week,and havin' a blast!Tell `em my kitted Sebring runs like a `scalded dog'!! I just took a 210+ mi. trip up to Handy Bikes Saturday and B.J. sold me some stuff. I was gonna go out to Ike's Bikes that day, but I needed some special clutch parts that Handy Bikes carries. I got home from work at 7:40 PM last night and guess what? Out on the bike `til 11PM for another 50 miles and a little picnic lunch! Thanks for relaying! Fun! Fun! Fun! don-ohio (:^)>>

Re: Don-O sez:

I thought maybe he was in a Rehab center where they treat people with "riding mpeds" addictions.

Re: Don-O sez:

yunno... the thing is... if he stays restricted from work from viewing this site... he is never going to be here like he was...

.. this is NOT a criticism of Don...

... but ... many people are willing to spend COMPANY time at sites like these while they are getting paid... but will not spend their own PERSONAL time on the net.

Thats just the way it is...

By the way.. I considered Don the most... 'normal, mainstream, good-guy ' here... (despite the fact that he carries a gun while pedding!... which I thought was hilarious in itself!)... and he liked to yak it up a lot.. wasn't afraid of an argument, was knowledgable... and had a good sense of humor.

aah well... too bad... less entertainment for us.

Re: Don-O sez:

david f martin /

Funny. Don-O spends company time on this site, and personal time on the bike. I ride my bike back and forth to work (and run errands, and pick up lunch for the crew), and spend my leisure time here. I'd be interested in a poll to see how many of us use our bikes for business versus pleasure...


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