Is it possible to place a sub and two speakers on a moped. If so would it be smarter to design a trike for the bike or not. Would i have to make a box in the back or could i fit it under a seat, and where could i put a face.?

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this has already been asked more times than i can count. do a search for moped stereo.

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Who's the man?

I've posted a yearly revision of a "how to install a stereo on your moped"

I've been doing this since it was on a mountain bike, before I was into mopeds. I've covered everything from wiring, to mounting, to custom making a pannier pack..... how to mount front speakers (trickiest part for some bikes)

The other day, the system passed a big test-- I was riding across a huge drawbridge, (nothing for the sound to 'bounce' back from... and with a LOT of wind and full throttle, I could clearly hear my music.

I installed a kill switch, because I'm sure it's too loud to ride around town at full volume.

I was showing off my bike and stuff to a friend.... he listened closely for a second... then said "Hey...that's stereo isn't it?"

I was like "Well, yeah--- what kind of chump would put a 'mono' system on their moped!!..."

Front is left channel, the rear is right. 80w amp, 3 speakers, gel cell battery.... and this year.....WATERPROOF!!!

I was riding in a rainstorm the other day--- every bass pump would launch a little shower from the waterproof speakers, and there's waterproofing inside the back with compressor and amp....

Look at all the threads that come up. I've had a setup on an NC-50 (honda, 1978) a QT-50 (1982) and a new 2000 Targa.

What kind of moped do you have? If you buy an automotive tape deck at a yard sale, pay 20 bucks for the rechargable battery (that lasts for about 6 hours) and get ahold of some cheap "box" style weatherproof patio speakers... you're almost there.

My very first system (in a milk crate on a mountain bike) only got AM radio-- -now it's full stereo with an MP3 player.

I think you can find pictures of the interior of the pack, the QT w/stereo, wiring harness.... I also posted pics of the targa w/stereo before it was destroyed in the accident...

(The stereo remained on the moped, not broken, and only one speaker was destroyed)

I was demolished, the moped was totalled, but the stereo survived.

As you can probably tell, I like the system I've developed, and I'd be glad to help you make one. Read the past years posts, and ask anything I haven't addresed.

Drew... remember to let me know what kind of ped you have-- I'll look at it and do some brainstorming.

My next plans for upgrades is to swap the "Rio" (holds 40 mp3's) to an Ipod (holds 1 or 2 thousand Mp3's)

That's why I'm asking about scooters... a little quieter, more room to hide amps and batteries, but few places to mount the external speakers.

I'm going to look at the Razz.... someone reccomended it, because of the nice racks.

Does anyone know of a scooter w/front racks??

I think, in the end, I'll go with a hopped up moped (70cc w/biturbo)....that's when I add a big fat gel-cell and a 200w amp.

Re: Stereo

david f martin /

Wayne, you're a madman...


Re: Stereo

mikeconsig /

The farthest i've gone with my mountain bike is strap on a lil sports radio with some cable ties.

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corypoopoo /

lol i used a trick bike and put some speakers from walmart on them they were just some like computer speakers and my little cd player

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