"Dude...That's awsome!" reaction

This is one of the few good ones. You get that one person who is of like mind and totally makes up for all the other negative reactions. You stop and start to talk and before you know it, you're late for where ever you were headed.


Ain't no way Im riding behind this little bike

Lets see, there's many to choose from... how about this one :

Like this one, " Ain't no way Im riding behind this little bike" reaction

Even if the moped is doing 40mph in a 30mph zone- doesn't matter...

Hey,I spent $30,000 bucks on my SUV and Im not going to sit behind a moped that some geek pulled out of the garbage pile

The Maybe I'm Not Too Old reaction

I get this one whenever I'm stopped by someone my age or older to ask me about my ped. This is the type of guy who's concluded he would look like a horse's derriere on a moped. Once he sees and talks to me, he thinks, "Well, I wouldn't be the ONLY horse's derriere...."

And then he asks me where he can get one, or if I'd be interested in selling it.

Hey maaaan, wearz yo gonna parks dat thing ?

Or, how about the look I get from the Trenton Homies every day, the

"Hey maaaan, wearz yo gonna parks dat thing ? " reaction

Hey maaaan, wearz yo gonna parks dat thing ? Because Maaaybe if ah can fits it into my busy Not-wanting-to-be-employed-this-year schedule of mine ,and you parks it not too far away, I will lift my ass off dis porch today and go and "borrow " dat bike for awhile.

I know I should be pulling him over for something

Or , this one

" I know I should be pulling him over for something "

perceived cop look/ reaction

Every time I ride past one of the beloved boys in blue I get an instintive feeling, as though Im on the African plains, and Im a wounded wildabeast , with a bum leg, limping past a pride of lions... an easy catch, surely about to become dead meat. And Im thinking the cop staring at me is scanning me for weakness...as a hungry lion scans his prey for a sign of old age or a gimp..a missing license tag, improper helmet, not using turn signals, impeding the flow of traffic, etc, any petty thing that can be used as an excuse.

But luckily Ive played by the rules and the police have left me alone.

Still, makes you nervous,especially towards the end of the month when the less energetic cops have to make up their ticket quota in a hurry for that monthly report, you know ? An a moped is just a magnet for attention, even the negative kind you don't want.

Re: Hey maaaan, wearz yo gonna parks dat thing ?

If I didn't know better, I'd infer this was a racial slur. Of course I know that it's not, because then it would be classified as "hate speech," in which the case the First Amendment of the United States Constitution is suspended.

Re: Hey maaaan, wearz yo gonna parks dat thing ?

Ha ha no racial slur, nope.. must be that southern drawl that immigrated into the inner city a few generations back :)

Is that a lawer?

Rode in to work with the full on nice clothes and tie, and mirrored sunglasses. I have never seen so many people get out of my way. Maybe they thought I was a lawyer, cop or something- That's all there is down town, where my office is.

The old white and black helmet trick probably isn't as effective on a moped as it is on a motorcycle, but it might be worth a shot.

Re: Here's another

I was riding my 4600 up the street a while back and at the intersection to the left, turning left to go the same direction as me was a bright yellow new Mini Cooper.

After I had passed he made his turn and smartly passed me by.

Caught up to him at the next light.

-"That's a sharp car!"

-"What kind of bike is that?"

-"Solex. Wanna trade?"

He laughed and the light changed.

I don't know what I would have done if he had said "Sure! let's trade"


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