front tire is way off

i need some info here......i have a 79 grande and the front tire rubs the screws on the fender (looking at the front of the bike left side screws.....) but by just looking at the tire it(the tire) is at least a half of an inch to the left...nowhere near the right side screws. anyone know why this is happening? please help. thanks

Re: front tire is way off

The whole tire or just a spot?

If just a section of the tire rubs on rotation, you need to have the wheel trued.

If one side is always touching, make sure the wheel is installed properly. The brake backing plate arm should register in the slot on the fork leg.

The washers on the axle should be under the nuts and in the recesses for them at the bottom of the fork leg.


Re: front tire is way off

jim- it's the whole tire....

Re: front tire is way off

Ron Brown / the wheel mounted correctly as Jim described?

Re: front tire is way off

well ok this is how it looks......(looking at the front)

left side:

bolt, washer, fork, washer, speedo, wheel. this is the side that is closer to the fender screws, like centimeters.

right side:

bolt, washer, fork, washer, hex bolt holding the bracket, bracket, wheel. this side is like half and inch from fender screws.

what do you guys think? thanks!



Is the tire centered on the fork?

What is the bracket for?

Are you sure that the hex bolt is supposed to be there?

In other words, look at it, and if there is something you can swap from one side to the other, swap it. Or pile on extra washers untill you fork no longer absorbs shock, but it dosn't rub anymore.

What part of the fender does it rub on?

Is the bracket that holds the fender bent?

Is the fender itself bent?

Are the bolts on one side too long?

Sorry that I'm asking so many questions, but it could be a lot of things making it rub, not just the tire itself.

Re: front tire is way off

Ron Brown /


MBartell has the right idea. You have the ped and wheel in front of you, but you want us to figure out what is bent or misplaced.

What is the history of this ped. Is it a spoked wheel that could have been laced wrong? Has the wheel been replaced? Has the ped been crashed?


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