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I am looking into getting a Honda Metropolitan for my sister to get around on where she goes to college but I can't find any company that will insure only a moped/scooter. Several of the big insurance companies I tried (Nationwide, Geico, Allstate etc...) either don't offer any, won't insure that small of a vehicle or you have to have an existing auto policy. Does anyone know a good company for moped/scooter insurance that will insure just a moped?

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look in the yellow pages under motorcycles,usually they list motorcycle company insurance places and most of those will insure little scooters

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yup, check for motorcycle places, and progressive has moped insurance, at least in Texas--- that brings up another point, where are you , and will she need a license to drive it there?

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i have had good luck with state farm they usually cost around 75$ a year too

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frank stellagh /

I just bought a new Metropolitan and Progressive Insurance will cover mopeds like the Metropolitan, that I do know.

If they'll insure me in South St. Louis, where irate motorists

actually take runs at mopeds JUST TO GET TO A RED LIGHT, there must be folks insuring you where you live.

My Metropolitan is absolutely gorgeous. It's state of the art -- and more -- and the same price as a Linhai 2-stroke Powermax.

Well...I had to tell somebody!



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Do a forum search-- this topic has been covered extensively, several times. you'll find tons of great information. for both Canada, and USA..

use the seach feature.... keyword "insurance" and use all dates.

You'll learn more than you want to, if you read all the results.

the only tip is to NOT let some agent tell you it's a motorcycle and charge you 400$ or something. I think we agreed that most people could insure a moped for a year for 50 -150 bucks. In maine, it cost me under 50$.


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