Mopeds is fo Nerd!

Mr. Hayusodumb /

That wat my friens he name it beeing Fong says to fo me. He say moped small punnie under-powel it like the peoples who ryde the moped! He say why moped peoples no go an bye Ninja 250pp like he an me? If you go to beeing unda-dog,why no beeing unda-dog wit style an be able to go ovar 100 mile howars? no onlee 35 mile howars small pp moped.

This fellows, is why...

psychowulf /

You really should not do crack.

I mean seriously, this guy is messed up, do you want him or his children out on the streets? This is why we ride mopeds, so all these crack fiends on their "Ninja 250pp's" can "go ovar 100 mile howars" and hopefully kill themselves and do nature a service. Thank goodness natural selection still finds some ways to weed people out.


RE: Mopeds is fo Nerd!

you must have some inerest on the subject to be here.

RE: You bet Mopeds is fo Nerd!

Reeperette /

Normally I do not even bother to respond to such inane babble, but in this case, it practically begs it, since he's so persistant in the face of obvious apathy.

First, I doubt anyone posting from * really has much room to talk about nerdhood, how about getting a real ISP instead of a set of training wheels for the internet.

But hell, nerdhood itself is grand, nerds and geeks make more money than big manly construction workers, and this, fellows, is why WE get all the chicks, in case you were wondering.

Sucks to be you, doesn't it ?

Perhaps one day you will aspire to geekhood yourself, but I find it a dubious proposition at best.

I figure it this way, in order to have any right to whine, you should ride a while on one of the damn things, then maybe we might listen to you without the background of hysterical laughter.

(No, that's not a laugh-track, we really do find you that funny.)

So I offer this challenge, you borrow or rent a moped, and perform "The Manhood Run" or equivalent stunt, and come back alive, you can call us nerds all you want - till then ? expect us to laugh in your face every time you open you mouth.

(Oh, and if you should come to harm while trying ?, we call that Darwinism, in action - look it up.)

Remember folks, even sharks fear a pirahna pack.


RE: Mopeds is fo Nerd!

the really bad part is that this is a return user. if it was the least bit funny than i'd be glad it was here on the forum but it's just idiotic racial garbage (we all know that asians type phonetically like that in that accent). we're not all moped anal bastards, i love it when someone makes a good crack here but this is just idiotic. you only catch them here or there and most of the times in the wrong forums but an example in the moped sightings forum right now is:

"RE: Solex Font - moped inspired

Author: Gigakill (

Date: 09-13-00 08:04

Yeah, but who would pay one hundred dollars for a font, even if it is 'inspired' by a moped. I mean, if you buy the font a few times, you could have afforded a REAL moped. And, really, "majestic"? We're not talking about a shimmering horse standing on a plateau, noble head held high, with the sun at his back; who suddenly rears on his mighty hind legs and whinnies,

and then gallops off into the distance.

We're talking about a moped.

--Gigakill "

that is someone who did his research and/or used his brain to make a humorous poke at mopeds. that guy i hope he posts more on the forums. his name is pretty lame yeah but hey my middle name is fenwick.

unite, swarm, and destroy

david fenwick dellatore

-moped army-

RE: You bet Mopeds is fo Nerd!

Mark Jarvis /

Our friends, Mr Hayusodumb is really onto something. Look at us. We are really just fooling ourselves, aren't we? Our mopeds have small combustion chambers, with low CR's, it's a miracle my little 49cc piston can even turn over, let alone move my ass around town. And what happens when, for instance, the river floods, and I need to escape a raging wall of water, and I could make if I just had the ability to scream away at 200 miles and hour, instead of 20. That Ninja rider surely has one up on us. With the characteristic Ninja qualities he only things sharper than his needle jet are his wits and his courage. Because that's what we lack, courage. That's why I ride mopeds; I am just too scared to get on a real bike. I prefer the safety of a moped, for we all know that with their increased visibility and upright seating position, they are so safe to ride, there was talk of having the Cowardly Lion ride one in the Wizard of Oz, until an unfortunate accident of his tail getting caught in the rear sprocket.

You know, I've learned something today. You can ride a moped, and spend less on gas, and do your own repairs and pay next to nothing at salvage yard for used, but good, parts. You can teach yourself scads about internal combustion and mechanical engineering, but you will never be as cool as those bravehearted saps, excuse me, souls who ride the real machines.

thank you, THANK YOU, Mr Hayusodumb, you have shown me a new light, a new truth about motorized vehicles - The faster you ride, the harder you hit your head, and the more brain cells you kill. Which, according to frat boy philosophy, is a good thing, because, as other members of this group have reminded us, natural selection is always in play, and the brain cells that die must be the weaker ones, allowing for the strong ones access to more nutrients, and hence get stronger.

I think we can all learn a lesson from Mr. H. Kudos to you, Mr. H., if you are still reading this, you will happy to know you exceeded my expectations of your attention span, which put you cutting out about halfway through the first paragraph.

Estimates based on average MTV viewers A.S.

RE: Mopeds is fo Nerd!

You want to go 100 Mph in an urban environment?

You need 250cc's to get to 100Mph?

My bike goes 50 Mph wich is MORE than enough in an urban environment. I usually just go with the flow of cars because THAT's the safest way to ride, but when an open stretch comes up 50 Mph is more than enough.

If you need 250cc to get to a speed of 100 Mph you've got one hell of a ROTTEN BIKE! My bike has only 49cc's and it goes 50 Mph AND IT'S 27 YEARS OLD! To go 100 Mph my bike will only need 100 or 110cc's and then it will still run at 90 miles per gallon!

There's really no way in the world that you can convince me that you bike is better, just because it's havier.

Oh yeah .... you're stupid

RE: Mopeds is fo Nerd!

a nippon that uses standard instead of metric, or just a racist idiot trying to stir up something?

RE: Mopeds is fo Nerd!

RE: Mopeds is fo Nerd!

Mark Jarvis /

You all know my last piece was a joke, right? No replies makes me nervous, my I imagine this is unfounded.

True observation of mopeds in an urban environment:

I visited London a few weeks ago, and the prevelance of mopeds was outstanding. In terms raw agility in dense traffic situations, they are second to none. Not to mention how cool they look. A lot of old Honda's like mine still on the road and sounding sweet.

RE: Mopeds is fo Nerd!

mopeds anit for nerds.u go under yahoo and go in search.type in Derbi GRP 50 and hit serach.u see that pic.thats what i got and it is a kind of has a full sprotsbike body but it is consitered a tell your friend hes full of crap.and what he has is junk.sorry but it is.



RE: Mopeds is fo Nerd!

spaceless in awe /


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