81 NC50 seat foam

Got a 81 NC50 that has no foam on the seat pan, anyone know about how thick of a piece I need to get.


Re: 81 NC50 seat foam


Re: 81 NC50 seat foam

It's your butt . How comfy do you want to be ?

Are you recovering the OE seat or just adding foam under the cover or ???

Re: 81 NC50 seat foam

Full recover, foam and new cover.

Re: 81 NC50 seat foam

U gonna kit it? Pics?

Re: 81 NC50 seat foam

There are what look to be decent covers on Ebay for about 25 bucks :


Or , if you're good with a sewing machine , marine grade vinyl can be had at fabric stores .

Then add cushion to your desired comfort level . ;)

Re: 81 NC50 seat foam

Yes it's been kit on it. No pictures yet, it's still in primer waiting for me to find the right color.

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