I was given a 1980 sachs thats been sitting a few years, any tips on getting it to run again? What should the gas/oil ratio be? I repaired the broken throttle cable, the tranny case was empty! I think I need to tear the carb apart, are these units known for exhaust problems or ? It only has 280 miles on it. I think, not sure if speedo works. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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It's been sitting for a while, so defiantly clean out the carb.

Sachs usually run on 50:1, so that's a little less than 3 oz of oil per gallon of gas.

Do a search on this forum for "sachs decompression" and look at the pictures, to see if your valve is set up correctly.

DON'T take the screw out of the top of the tranny case to fill it. Use a funnel or a gear-oil top to get the type F tranny fluid in the case thru the side.

To check the speedo, spin the front wheel. The best place for parts is Handy Bikes- especially for sachs.

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Matt Wilson /


Mbartell knows his sachs stuff so follow his advice. If you are interested there are pictures I posted in a thread about a week ago dealing with the sachs problems I have been having. Check it out.

And don't remove the screw on the top of the transmission case. Take a look at the previous sachs threads and you'll see why!


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Ron Brown /


Resources, Articles, Fred's Guide. More than you ever wanted to know.


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I found the thread with the picture of the decomp. valve in it. other pics of my stuff too.

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oops, I did take out that screw, then I had to take the side cover off to thread it back thru. I know that now! Any other thing I did when I took it out? Thanks to all for replying. Still trying to find Fred

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For Fred's guide go to the top of the page, and look at resources and articles- it's in there

Well, when you took out that screw on top, you screwed up the lever that works the starting clutch. Do a search over the past few weeks, and you'll find a topic about it, and the trouble that it caused.

Plus, the way to fix it.

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Thanks, it seems the clutch is working OK though.

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