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what spark plug should i run i have a 70cc kit for a honda hobbit thx mike

Re: honda help

It all depends, either a b7hs, b6hs, or b5hs. The bp7hs, bp6hs, and bp5hs will also work.

Re: honda help

I have really enjoyed the BU8H, but the manual does call for a BPR-6S gapped to 0.6-0.7. I've just always been more comfortable in the 7-8 range, especially with Hobbit's notorious heat issues. These are all NGK numbers btw. (edited)

Re: honda help

BTW - For future reference, this is probably a thread better suited for the repair forum (do not start a new thread, if they want to they'll move it). Nice bike btw! If you ever wanna sell those red foot panels lmk. :)

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