What motor am I looking at?

Hi all! I understand this isn't really a moped, and more of a scooter, but I have good faith in the community in that you will be able to help me.

I currently work in a pawn shop, and this scooter came in. I found the same exact one on Walmart's site but I cannot find any information on the motor.

Right here: https://goo.gl/pyJsjw

I want to know, what kind of engine is this? I ask because I am having a b-word of a time getting it to fire. It can be safely assumed that this engine can be found in a lot of places but I've never found a name for them. Thank you for any help, and if this isn't allowed, I do not mind it taken down.

Inb4 inexpensive engine made in China

Re: What motor am I looking at?

Re: What motor am I looking at?

It's basically a brush cutter motor. It should have an all in one ignition coil which are (usually) pretty reliable. Make sure the issue is not with the kill switch.

Re: What motor am I looking at?

Luigi Garzone /

I got a buddy who's an expert on cheap chinese scooter motors

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