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I have seen comments on here about re-jetting when you put on a new exhaust. Does anybody know if i will have to do this with a DG pipe?

Re: re-jetting

there is no way to tell for sure.. many DO require going up one or two sizes on the main jet.

You find out by doing proper plug chops.

What is a plug chop ?

click on 'Resources-Articles' above... then go to "Freds Guide".

scroll down

Fred here is a good link

examples of various plug conditions

Re: Fred here is a good link

Nice resource Bill!

Except thats for cars (4 strokes)

The problem with almost all those spark plug pics sites show... is they are talkjing about 4 stroke car engine spark plugs..

And... they call this "good".

<IMG src="">;

That is TOO WHITE for a 2 stroke plug.

(fine for a 4 stroke car engine though)

2 strokes should have more brown (tan) on them... I see one that white in a 2 stroke and I cange the jetting immediately... or ride it slower till I can.

I have yet to see a good photo of a proper colored 2 stroke plug... (some are just bad photo's anyway)

Re: Except thats for cars (4 strokes)

Unless you have a really nice digital camera, it's hard to take a good picture of a spark plug.

light too

I agree... I think its also very important to have the right kind of light... (sunlight is prob best)... and thats why many of those pics of plugs on many sites are not so good.

I think they use artificial studio light which changes the shading of the color... some of them look downright weird.

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