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1977 used to have a decent blog, but it looks like it's offline now. There's a specific article I referenced years ago about Puch Polinis, oils, seizure, etc.

It was found here: https://www.1977mopeds.com/blog/2009/03/02/why-do-puch-polinis-seize/

Anyone know of an archived copy? I emailed 77 to ask, but no dice so far.

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Jack Rutherford /

Re: Old 1977 Blog

Andrew Squiggman /

'77 is experiencing minor delays at the present.

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DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

This guy mentions that article in the oil section. Dunno if it contains the information you seek.


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Haven't had any luck with the Wayback machine. And yeah, it seems like the crux of the discussion is the same that's mentioned in the blog post there: that synthetic burns hotter and therefore the recommend a lower ratio if you're using it.

I remember that the 77 blog had a bunch of seized cylinders and it was comparing the points of failure with the ratios and oils they were running. I liked that.

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yeah not to dismiss any of what those guys were looking at back in the day but there is a lot of knowledge and understanding (and parts) available now that we didn't have back then.

if you want to start a post in performance tuning about some of those topics, i'll bet it would be a good conversation.

Re: Old 1977 Blog

Good idea. My Polini build is coming back from the dead, so as it moves along, I will probably do just that.

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