fork upgrade


so im upgrading the forks on my kreidlers mp 19, mp 9 and mp 2. i bought these from treatland

to put on the bikes and didnt know i would need to get new headset barring set and nut to install new forks cuz im still learning the details.

i tried searching on the forums for something about kreidler forks or headsets and barring sets but i didnt find anything.

my problem for anyone that can help is the steering tube has threads at the top but there is no taper at the base for the lower race to grab a hold of and dont know what to do with both races and barrings and cups and etc what should i get to finish this project? i figure i need to customize this to make it work but im not sure how to do it or what to get.

images are of the mp 9 the original forks were destroyed in an accident first image is th new steering tube inserted


second image is side by side of original and new steering tube




ps if im not using the right word for the parts please correct me so i can properly communicate what i need

Re: fork upgrade

Russell Huddy /

I have ebrs on my kreidler I'll look tomorrow and get you some pics

I can't remember if I used a maxi or magnum headset.

Re: fork upgrade

Looks like you need to transfer the bearing ( not barring ) race to the new 'tube' .

That or get a new race .

Take a close look at the old race to insure that the race surface is smooth all the way around . If it's not , it's time for a new race .

Re: fork upgrade

russell i would appreciate that and p d i took off the race from the old tube and it doesnt fit the new tube

Re: fork upgrade

You'll need to measure the steer tube and get a bottom race to fit.

Re: fork upgrade

> Thomas Smith Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> You'll need to measure the steer tube and get a bottom race to fit.

That^ .

Re: fork upgrade

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

One tool, that you'll find many uses for, is a 6" Digital caliper. The are 10 bucks almost anywhere an sometimes given free when you purchase, say, bearings for your motor, or whatever they're advertising, to get the 'free' item. I got min from VXB bearing when I purchased a 10 pack of bearings for my Puchs. But even if you can't find a free one, 10 bucks is almost giving away a precision measurement instrument.

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