4-stroke moped (photo)

Ok, for everyone serious about riding a 'greener' moped.... the "Panda Com-mute" is the only 50cc 4stroke moped made and sold in the USA.

I'll post a link..



Re: 4-stroke moped (photo)

What about the honda metropolitan, its a 4 stroke made in the u.s.

Re: 4-stroke moped (photo)

I like the automatic clutch setup... even 4 stroke sounds cool... but the bike looks awful small and slow ... they even advertise it as a campground and backyard bike, ha

I don't think any of these bikes are made in USA though

Even a certain big name ( name withheld due to the touchiness of some people's ego when you mention anything even slightly negative about these bikes ), expensive American motorcycle company's bike use Chinese parts and are assembled here in USA.

Re: 4-stroke moped (photo)

Regina Powell /

My Indian AMI-50 Chief is a 4-stroke, and I'm not sure where it was made, but it's an American company. Course, they don't make them anymore...

On the greener tip, you think I'd be able to run my l'il Indian on corn-gas? I've heard it's okay as long as it's warm out (doesn't burn well in the cold or something).

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