Scooters with rear racks??

One of the things I like best about the mopeds I have had is that they have all had great rear racks,and some have had cool front racks.

ive been looking at pictures of scooters, and it doesn't look like many have any rack space at all, front or rear.

Is this just because the pictures I'm looking at don't show the rear, or do most scooters just have no place to put saddle bags or panniers??

and if there are, please let me know what brand. Look at all the rack space on my 82 qt-50. I could carry more than any new scooter and its 'locking underseat basket"

Re: Scooters with rear racks??

The reason for the rear rack is to lift and prop up the moped on its center stand. You wish you had storage under your seat also glove box for oil & rain gear,floorboards & helmet holder that i can hang an extra bag of groceries from, now who can haul more and still go 60+mph with my bore kit? now who rides a snail! LOL

Re: Scooters with rear racks??

Scooter like the Yamaha Zuma have a great luggage rack, I saw them at the dealership.... saddle bags, bread bags will fit on also sticks out in the back some, so you could mount a box of some sort, they even sell scooter luggage boxes...Andy's right, the rack is strong and you can even lift the bike by grabbing the luggage rack..and like Andy says, you can fit tons of stuff under the seat ( even a full-faced helmet ) and in front of your feet there is a hook to hang grocery bags and you can place stuff on the floorboard as far as bikes that carry stuff goes the scooters give you the most capacity.

Scooters w/rear racks (clarification)

Andy, you said "The reason for the rear rack is to lift and prop up the moped on its center stand."

Do you actually think that's the ONLY reason for a rear rack? If so, you're an idiot. They might as well put a handle on the back of the moped, if that was ALL it was used for.

The racks might help put the bike back on the rest, but it's also for a lot of other things-- like carrying gear, maybe?

Yeah, carrying geaar, and carrying air horns, amplifiers, bookbags, and three speakers. You may have misread my post.

I want a scooter with a rear rack (and a front one if possible). I wasn't looking for a rant about your souped up snail.

I don't know how well my "underseat" compartment would help the speaker sound. My guess is that it might muffle the sound.

I need a scooter with a rear rack. You might speed along, but I've got full stereo sound on my moped. If I upgrade to a scooter I want to be able to install tunes.

If I wanted to do 60 on a machine with tiny wheels and have no music, your scooter would be a great option for me. Plus, I could get those groceries home while trying to hit 70 on a machine with a bag of groceries hanging from the helmet hook. At least the ice cream won't melt.

Jimmy--thanks for your advice on the Zuma. That's more like what I needed.

Andy probably hasn't seen pictures of my bike. I'll link one, and then challenge him to do what I've done to my moped to his scooter. He might do 60, but does he have stereo sound and airhorns with dual pannier packs?

betcha he don't, and couldn't if he wanted to. That's why it's so easy to add a stereo to a moped, and much more difficult on a scooter.

I need a pannier for the stereo gear (Might fit underseat) a good place to mount dual rear speakers and at least one front speaker.

Now that I've clarified the intent of my post, can anyone suggest scooters that would "fit the bill"?

Re: Scooters w/rear racks (clarification)

You know, with all that flat panel space on a scooter, you could probably surface-mount the speakers to it, and if the helmet-holder is air-tight, you could probably mount an 8" or even 10" sub in there. It's around 1cubic foot. You'd be feeling it--

I imagine that there is a bunch of wasted space in those things, and you could find neat ways to rig stuff up. Plus, most of them have a battery in them- maybe you could switch it out with a big gel-cel and the lights wouldn't dim when the bass hit.

That may not work too well for you Wayne, you seem to be more of the leave no trace type than the permanent changes type.

Re: Scooters with rear racks??

Hi Wayne, I just got a Derbi Variant moped and it has the best front rack and rear rack/pannier design I've seen. -Jim

ps. yes, I know it's not a scooter but what the hey!

Re: Scooter Stereo (rear or front racks)

mbartell.... You're right, in a way--- the fact that the stereo I've built is removable is because the base designs came from a mountain bike stereo I built. If you have only one bicycle and you want to be able to ride with friends.. 'removability' is a must.

It got so I could add or remove the whole stereo from my mountain bike in about 5 minutes.

All that would be left on the bike was the rear rack, front bracket and the wiring... everything else came off.... and I could hit the trails.

so that's why my design is based on the concept of removability.

BUT, if I had support from people who knew scooters well, and what's going on under that 'shell' I would be inclined to hide a huge amp and battery under the seat. The dilemma is that if I buy a new scooter, I'll be to scared of permanently altering it....

Vibration is also an issue, and until it gets road tested, you won't know which speakers will vibrate more or less. That's why mopeds rock-- you can lay down a base of foam or gell material, and bungee the speakers to that--- that solves all the vibration problem, and easily.

But maybe the better shocks on a scooter would compensate.

I think, I'll end up making moped stereos, and get a scooter as a toy-

I still need to go look at a pic of that ZUMA and see how their racks are.

I even think a bicycle would take a stereo easier than a Scooter. rear rack, front rack.... lots of space on the bars for a 3rd or 4th bracket mount speaker.....

My mountain bike stereo kicked ass. Not when it was a milkcrate with AM only.... but after that (when I got a nice tape deck). I pedaled that heavy bastard all over the place.


I'm totally serious about making a sweet scooter stereo..... so chime in with ideas and suggestions. If I could buy an older scooter, I could get the feel for what could or couldn't happen...

I mean....that one guy with the front and rear gatlin guns on the scooter---- they have to be attached to something!

Re: Scooter Stereo (rear or front racks)

david f martin /

Mine has no storage space under the seat, just two piddly little pockets in the front...

I put a Coke crate on the back of mine... I think it fits the lines of the bike, too.



Re: Scooter Stereo (rear or front racks)

david f martin /

Here's my puny, sucky little stereo... I don't listen to it, but it does get noticed. BTW, sorry the pics are so large. I lectured Matt the other day about his large pics, and now I'm doing it. And he's making smaller pics. My big mouth, go figure...



Re: Scooters with rear racks??

Here are some Hooters with nice front racks


Sorry Wayne

Misread your post, thought it read "Hooters with nice racks"

anyway enjoy!

Re: Sorry Wayne

david f martin /

Whoa Dude! If my scooter had a front rack that nice, I'd just hafta, um... Ahem... Never mind.


Re: Scooter Stereo (rear or front racks)

david f martin /

What I'd really like are the kind of racks they put on 4-wheelers. Big and sturdy enough to carry a dead animal on them...


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