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hi all, i just wanted to thank everyone again for their help. i fixed the intake problem as stated in my old post. i installed a promo exhaust on a 81' puch magnum mk2 1.5hp. 2-speed tranny. it had stock jet #48. i changed it to a #60. it seems to have nice power in first gear. shifts into second at about 15-17mph. then is fine to about 25mph. after which i have to feather the throttle to get it to pin the speedo at 30mph. this is with a high performance air cleaner i got from mopedwarehouse.(sorry but i'm not sure how to post a pic of it, or a link.) i did a plug chop with this setup, way too lean. i changed back to stock air cleaner to see plug chop that way. it seems very rich. and seems like top speed was sacrificed. seems to be bogging. i would like to go with the h.p. air cleaner, and go up in jetting to get a better top speed, but don't want to cause problems. anyone have suggestions?? should i leave well enough alone? i managed to go from stock #48 jet to # 60 which the 2h.p. has, but something doesn't seem right. sorry for the long post................all help is very apppreciated......paul

Re: magnum update.........

Try raising the clip on the throttle needle up one notch. Normal position is second notch from the top.

Test run and see if that leans it out a bit.

Re: magnum update.........

Ron Brown /


If a plug chop tells you you are running lean and you have checked for intake air leaks, why not try a larger jet?


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