how do u get the spree decals off my moped easily?

how is there a good way to get the decals off?? w/ a chemical or some soap and h20 or what!?

decals off easily?

If they have been on there for years... they are probably going to leave dried adhesive on even when you get them off.

A heat gun is about the best way... you warm them up good... (leaving it in the hot sun might be good too).. then peel them off slowly.

I think there is also a solvent for getting the old adhesive off too... go ask at an auto parts store

Re: decals off easily?

use a blow dryer and some goo=off. If heating them up doesn't get them off u can try using a razor to get under them but it probably will scratch it so i wouldn't suggest that.

Re: decals off easily?

InfectedBootSector /

Yes.. Goo-Gone and the heat gun or hairdryer should work fine.

Re: how do u get the spree decals off my moped eas

bob ross (that pbs painter but deceased guy) make a paletteknife that when used with goo gone took about 3 minutes to undrees my friend spree

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