MOped maRT

Bought a moped today. 100% complete and super minty shed fresh. $120 for a 1980 50V motobecane, spare parts, receipts, manuals, moped parts dealer mags, ..ugghhh.... soo much rad stuff


1980s moped accessories were pretty neat, this one has a left side mirror, DIY blinker kit (documentation included), 2 tire pumps, a bendy tire pump nozzle, and a windshield that mounts to the handle bars.


Anyone have anything on MOped maRT?

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Nice score!!

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You suck!! Sweet score, whats the white box under the seat all about? A hi zoot intercom for passenger?

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"whats the white box under the seat all about?"

thats the blinker kit's circuit board box.

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Josiah Radebaugh /

^^Turn signal box. (edited)

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Moped Mart is gone but the collection is still around. A lot of Swoops use parts that were sold through the catalog still today.

Moped Mart was a catalog service published by Marina Mobili. A lot of you Motomarina Sebring/Raven owners might recognize the stickers. They were the importer of several brands back in the day. They also provided stock replacement and aftermarket performance parts. I have some of the catalogs at the warehouse. We use them all the time when we're identifying a NOS part we don't recognize.

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Emil Kniemel /

Can you scan and upload that MOped maRT doc?

MORT. pedma. interesting choice.

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> Emil Kniemel Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Can you scan and upload that MOped maRT doc?


> MORT. pedma. interesting choice.

Maybe. Theres a photo copier/printer at work, ill see if I can generate PDFs.

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Paul Boyer (OFMC) /

Sweet score!!!

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Pablo Puchasso /

that's awesome. Love it when peds come with stuff like that or old stickers from where they were sold.

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