Almost lost exhaust bolt (high pitch exhaust)

Simon Belmont /

Lately Tomos started making higher pitch sounds then normal during throttle, at first didn't think much of it but then decided to take a look underneath the pipe, one of the exhaust bolts was so lose it could be removed by hand, this probably explains the spark plug fouling earlier, water must have gotten inside the cylinder during heavy rain ride, anyway, adjusted the washer by bending it slightly, tightened up the bolt to specs & it's good to go. Just wanted to warn anyone who might face the same issue to check their pipe, on my older Tomos I once faced similar issue (with higher pitch sound) but the problem that one had was a hole in gasket, with this one I'm using metal reinforced gaskets.

Re: Almost lost exhaust bolt (high pitch exhaust)

Anytime you hear, feel, see or smell something that you've never experienced before with your bike, car, etc., you should always investigate sooner vs later. (edited)

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