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I had a good experience. It was $267 to ship a Honda Express I won off of Ebay from Ohio to Atlanta.

I only had the one experience with it. The Ebay seller arranged the shipment. I had a notice it should be arriving on Friday. On Thursday night around 11:30pm, a scruffy looking guy was knocking on my door and asked if I was the guy expecting the Honda Express. He guessed that he was at the right place, since my 1978 Honda Express was parked outside. He was unable to drive through the security gate, but was able to walk up to my apartment. I walked back to his van with a trailer and he opened the van door and there was the Honda Express, just tied down inside the van, along with a matress on the floor and a bunch of other stuff, that I assume were other deliveries. I assume his trailer also had other deliveries. I talked with him about U-Ship. It was how he makes his living. He just wanders around picking up shipments and dropping them off. We pulled the Honda Express out of the van and I started pushing it back to the apartment. He told me, "It should start". I pulled the key out of the packet of papers, title and such, put it in the ignition, turned the gas on, kicked it a few times and it started and I rode back to my apartment.

I was happy with the whole transaction. I really expected that an unseen bike off of Ebay was going to be something to rebuild, inspite of the notes in the auction listing, but it has been reliable.

So I am pretty happy with U-ship, its kind of the Uber for shipping, but I have to imagine like on Ebay, there is going to be a mix of good and bad.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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