Anyone use ?

I've been looking for a part for my 81 nc50 and I get a positive find on megazip. Has anyone here used them or know someone who has?

Re: Anyone use ?

The part was only $25.00 so I decided to give it a try,ill get back if it's real or not.

Re: Anyone use ?

I bought something off megazip forever ago, I don't remember what it even was but I remember the site. I'm pretty sure it was received without issue. I'll see if it's archived in my gmails

Re: Anyone use ?

So they refunded my money, That would say they didn't have what I needed but that tells my they are good guys.

Re: Anyone use ?

What were you buying?

Re: Anyone use ?

> Sir Clip Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> What were you buying?

Oil Level Gauge Nc50 Express 1981. product number

: 55118191003


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