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Bill Wetherbee /

I recently bought a 1983 Urban Express NU50. Can anyone share with me a manufacturer, size and model of some knobby, or endro, style tires that fit on a stock NU50? The fenders are removed so fender clearance is not an issue. I am concerned about fitting between the stock front forks and rear frame clearance. Current stock tire size I have are: Front 16 x 2.25 Rear 14 x 2.75.

I have found a few options, but none specify the width and I am concerned they may be to fat. Also, is there any rule on how much +/- you can fit on a rim? For example, I have a 2.75 rear rim. I found a 2.50 tire. On the front I have a 2.25 rim. I found a 2.50 tire. Will the rims accept a tire .25 different?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Re: NU50 Tires

Captain Janeway /

Can't give you sizes, but a warning on removing the front fender: it's also acting as a brace holding the forks aligned in case your front axle nuts come loose. Saw that on one bike I'd purchased. The guy had pull the fender and put on some huge mf tire and I could see it start twisting out. Would have been ugly if it came loose all the way.

You going to try and off road it? You only have the one poor little shock. Just personal opinion, but I think that chopper body style wouldn't balance well off roading because it's so tail heavy.

Re: NU50 Tires

2.5 fits easy on the front.

I liked the 2.5 front and rear after the front rim was laced up with a rear hub . gives you 16 inch front and back.

buy extra wheels and HD spokes ..

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