NU50 Tires

Bill Wetherbee /

I recently bought a 1983 Urban Express NU50. Can anyone share with me a manufacturer, size and model of some knobby, or endro, style tires that fit on a stock NU50? The fenders are removed so fender clearance is not an issue. I am concerned about fitting between the stock front forks and rear frame clearance. Current stock tire size I have are: Front 16 x 2.25 Rear 14 x 2.75.

I have found a few options, but none specify the width and I am concerned they may be to fat. Also, is there any rule on how much +/- you can fit on a rim? For example, I have a 2.75 rear rim. I found a 2.50 tire. On the front I have a 2.25 rim. I found a 2.50 tire. Will the rims accept a tire .25 different?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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